Citing this resource

You are free to download and use datasets made available on this site, but if you report or publish results based on them, please cite:

Zimmermann P, Bleuler S, Laule O, Martin F, Ivanov NV, Campanoni P, Oishi K, Lugon-Moulin N, Wyss M, Hruz T, and W Gruissem. (2014) ExpressionData - A public resource of high quality curated datasets representing gene expression across anatomy, development and experimental conditions. BioData Mining 2014, 7:18 [ Full Text ]

To cite the GENEVESTIGATOR platform from which data was generated, please cite:

Hruz T, Laule O, Szabo G, Wessendorp F, Bleuler S, Oertle L, Widmayer P, Gruissem W and P Zimmermann (2008)
Genevestigator V3: a reference expression database for the meta-analysis of transcriptomes.
Advances in Bioinformatics 2008, 420747 [ Full Text ]